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TVC for China, Hong Kong 
and Taiwan
Co-director / Director of Photography 
ARRI Alexa Mini & Zeiss Mater Prime series
Co-directed with Larry Ismail
Shot in Shanghaï
Production Wink Studio - Prod exe G2S
Line Producer: Maeva Savinien
Production Manager: Aude Mazas
Producer : Rémy Ismail
Director: Marie-Laure Blancho & Larry Ismail
DP: Marie-Laure Blancho
Assistant Director: Natalia Ambarnikova
Art Director: Dena Skalin
Set Dresser: 李雨欣
Lights: Jonathan Bizeau
Wardrobe: Kate Beth Walling
Make up and hair: 谷峰
Props: 郭光强
Editing: Paul Combaluzier
Mix & Sound Design : Philippe Bozec
Motion graphics: Nico Liu
Production Assistant: Jess Jia
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